Furreal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet Review

Furreal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet ReviewThere’s already an early autumn chill in the air that lets people know the holidays are just around the corner. Finding the perfect gift for the special child in may seem like a daunting task in the days prior to online shopping. One of the more coveted children’s gifts this Christmas is going to be the FurReal Friends Cuddles my Giggle Monkey Pet and it’s just a click away.

FurReal Friends is a division of the Hasbro toy company which manufactures an impressive line of robotic pets for children. For over a decade, FurReal friends have been a Christmas favourite and the new Giggly Monkey is no exception. All of their toys have been interactive but this latest product may be the most advanced of them all.

Cuddle’s the Giggly Monkey’s Responsive Play

This toy is more of a companion and it has over 100 responses to a variety of prompts. Cuddles is ticklish of course and she will smile and giggle when her tummy is tickled. She can also be fed with her banana bottle which is included with her purchase. Cuddles actually simulates the way an actual baby drinks by pulling in the bottle with her mouth. She can’t feed herself but she can hold her bottle. Cuddles says “weee!” when she’s swung from side to side and she loves to play. She can even be rocked to sleep and she’ll close her eyes and even snore. She’ll put her hands to her ear to hear someone whispering and she can even be prompted to blow kisses. Cuddles will move her head to look at whoever is closest to her with her big brown eyes and she even knows when she has been turned upside down.

Cuddles includes a pink bow in her hair, a yellow banana bottle and a FurReal friends diaper with the logo printed in a cute motif. This toy is extremely cute with her big blue eyes and realistic smile. Cuddles is more of a baby doll than a pet but she still has a plethora of reactions that make her like no other toy on the market.


Pros and Cons

Of course all the news about this toy couldn’t be great so here are the pros and cons to help you determine if cuddles is the ideal gift for your child or grandchild.


Cuddles is adorable, soft and the perfect companion for children to snuggle. She has over 100 responses to being touched, swung or rocked and she simulates a real baby better than any other doll on the market. Cuddles actually simulates drinking a bottle and she actually stimulates going to sleep and snoring. Best of all, she can be ordered online from Amazon.com for as low as $59.79, $15 less than the retail price. That’s a great price for a doll that’s ticklish and knows when she’s upside down.






There’s nothing wrong with a male child playing with cuddles though her soft fur and pink accessories may not appeal to him. Cuddles isn’t like other FurReal friends which can walk and do tricks, she is a baby that simulates the actions of a real infant child and she was geared more towards little girls. Even the pictures of cuddles on the Hasbro website show her with a little girl where as other fur real friends haven’t been as gender specific. Her diaper is a one of kind and it can’t be replaced and the plastic tabs on the side will eventually lose their adhesiveness. The battery port is under the diaper so not moving it is not an option. These aren’t real big cons because many toys are geared towards one gender or the other and diapers are meant to be changed. The only real fault to Cuddles is the fact that she isn’t rechargeable. She requires 4 C cell batteries to operate but this problem can be remedied by a set of rechargeable batteries.


If Cuddles could move her arms and legs, she wouldn’t be as soft and cuddly. This toy was intended to be hugged and treated like a real baby and she acts like a real baby. If you have an affectionate child in your life, regardless of their gender, this gift might make their Christmas one they will never forget. Amazon.com not only offers a discounted price but also guaranteed delivery by Christmas for those who act fast.



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